*** PART I: Subsidy Schemes related to Insurance Intermediaries ***

 Application ProcedureLead TimeMax FundSelf-contributionQualification
保就業』計劃未定。25/5開始接受申請第一筆補貼不遲於二○二○年六月底發放50% or HKD 9,000 所有僱員,包括自僱人士
中小企融資擔保計劃』(Ref. HSBC)網上提交申請表格10天HKD4,000,000 or 6 month rental and salaries 借款人自2020年2月起之任何月份之營業額與2019年任何一個季度(即1月/3月, 4月/6月,7月/9月或10月/12月)之每月平均營業額比較,已最少下跌30%。
科技券 (TVP) 3.0 12個月內完成HKD600,0001/4 of project amountAll

*** PART II: Using the subsidy schemes to tap in InsPal ***

– Must be > 5000 applications. This subsidy is very wide. Almost can encompassed all industries. ISV likes us will also help to promote. Plus this is totally *FREE*, application must be popular. Therefore must pre-register. First-come-first-serve.

– Employee talk with their feets. They might not talk now. But if there are choices, they will choose one that can remotely work at home (it’s about a choice)

– Suitable area:

New customerExisting customer
Change from another system to InsPal (w/ data conversion)– Referral system- Doc Imaging system streamline- Insurer interface- Auto-quote- Auto-send renewal- Motor trading system- CRM – sales monitoring- Claim portal
Tailored projects

Things to prepare:

1. CI and updated BRC

2. HKID Copy of directors, shareholders and contact person

3. Proof of continuous business

4. Proof of employee (e.g. MPF, salary record)5. Updated P&L (preferably audited. If not, management accounts) (for 中小企融資擔保計劃』

More detail please visit the following:

1. https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/chi/anti-epidemic-fund.html

2. https://www.business.hsbc.com.hk/zh-hk/financing-and-credit-cards/commercial-lending/sfgs100-percent-guarantee-loan

3. https://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/ey-the-insurance-agent-of-the-future-tw/$FILE/ey-the-insurance-agent-of-the-future-tw.pdf

4. https://tvp.itf.gov.hk/

5. https://www.hkpc.org/zh-HK/distance-business-programme


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