13 June 2008 Experience the Power of New InsPal v.1.1

The launch of InsPal v.1.0 in mid May has received massive attention.


Thanks to valuable comments from existing customers and trial users, we are pleased to launch a new release of InsPal version 1.1.


Besides the already very rich functionalities in InsPal v.1.0, we have added many nice features and improvements to this new release. Some examples are:

  • Enriched claim processing functions
  • Enriched document imaging functions
  • Multi-location for EC, Fire and PL insurance
  • Master policy for Marine insurance
  • Web support for external producers
  • Qualification tracking for producers
  • Print multiple client receipts to producer in one transaction
  • Many new life insurance features

These are just some examples. If you want to experience how the POWERFUL functions of InsPal enriches your business, please subscribe for an account or sign up for a trial account.