Company Philosophy

A service-oriented product company

We are a service-oriented product company in this leading edge market. Our focus is on making the InsPal Product the market frontier in providing a better platform to all insurance partitioner everyday. At the same time, we also put major focus on helping our clients to achieve unique application needs with our custom services.



We are based in Hong Kong with an international vision as our mission. Our team is continuously enhancing and incorperating new country specific functions into InsPal. The InsPal platform is designed for cross country operations and expansion.



We see our InsPal as a long-run business. We will continue to invest in people, innovation, services, and new products.


A happy company

Only under a harmonic, happy, creative and rewarding environment will people spawn creativity. We treasure such ingredients and focus on producing better products and services.


Invest in people

People and management are complimentary to each other. Our management carry enablement and freedom of work to each employee in cultivating a energetic and dynamic culture to face the globe as our ultimate market.