1. Why I need to use InsPal?

A. Insurance intermediaries, esp. GI, earns a rather thin margin nowsdays. However, routine works is tedious. With InsPal, all these can be made effective. With InsPal, you work easy and make life easy.


2. I am using Excel (or other software) already. It is still working! Why I need to change?

A. Old software is usually not complete. It lacks one function or the other. E.g. some software can only issue debit note, but it has no integration with accounting.

InsPal is an integrated and complete solution. One-view customer. Doc Imaging, Accounting....So far there is no insurance intermediary software as rich as InsPal.


3. InsPal's subscription model makes me spend more in the long-run.

A. This is not necessarily true. People usually ignore hardware, system software (e.g. Windows, SQL Server are expensive), additional upgrade, back-up cost, annual maintenance fee, etc. All these adds up might even be more expensive than subscription pricing.

Besides subscription pricing means lower start-up cost.

For details, refer to the article Is SaaS Cheaper Than Licensed Software


4. Will you increase price?

A. We can't promise we never increase price, but so far price increase only apply to new customers. Once a subscription fee is set, we try our best to keep it.


5. What if you wind up or sell to other firm?

A. There is no guarantee a company will last forever. But if a company is healthy and profit-making, why would it wind up? We are a responsible company, if this day happens, we will make suitable arrangements (e.g. install the software to your own server).


6. Can I have a backup of the data regularly?

A. Yes. Just send a request to us and we will arrange to delivery a backup of the data to you. It is well written in the Master Agreement. Besides, you can use the Export function to keep a copy of the data.