Success Story of InsPal (Issue No. 2)

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Success Story of InsPal (Issue No. 2)
How Asia Cosmos attracts talented IFA with InsPal CRM and a creative business mind



When you enter Asia Cosmos, you feel a nice, relaxing, and yet professional environment.

There is a large open area with warm lighting for IFAs to exchange ideas and market intelligence. This area also holds seminars, casual demos and client meetings. It even has a small bar for people to enjoy light refreshments.

Miky Wan, CEO of Asia Cosmos, comes from a banking background where she understands the importance of CRM (Client Relationship Management) and its benefits. "I want to develop the same culture to my IFAs, to help them be successful and competitive", recapped Miky.


Facing today’s competition, Asia Cosmos find its edge and market by adopting a different business model which focuses on Wealth Management and even property market. In order to succeed, Asia Cosmos employs a strong team of IFAs, each individual has special skills and work together as a team to serve a client.

"I intended to do it that way", revealed Miky. "I want to create an environment where the IFAs work as a team. Because my target client has a lot of wealth management needs. I don’t believe one single insurance product can fit all. I need talents from different areas of wealth management, and team up to provide my client a total solution. I also understand the value of a good IT system, that’s why my team out-perform my competitors"


Being a SME broker, Miky wants to leverage IT platform to support more IFAs with optimized processes and workfl ows, so that the admin staff can keep a tight view of the business status, rather than just paper work.

"Insurance is a people business, not a commodity business. Competing in price will not succeed. We differentiate ourselves by better service via our IFAs", emphasized by Miky.

"InsPal gives me a powerful platform that I want". "It is web-based, which means our IFAs can access their data anywhere and any time they want. Like the producer feature allows our IFAs to view their own data, while I can maintain an integral view of them. All these add up not just cost savings, but efficiency in our day-to-day operations. I would say I could be able to hire a few less clerks then other firms, not to mention that good admin staff is hard to find nowadays".


"Another advantage of InsPal is the subscription pricing. Being a SME broker, we can’t always chase after a large IT budget every year. The per-user monthly subscription helps us a lot, it allows us to kick-start without a large investment, and we never have to worry about IT budgets and software systems upgrade anymore."

"Most important is the CRM feature, it is surprisingly good! It provides not just a single view of a client history and profile, but also functions to keep us connected with our clients automatically, like sending out birthday greetings and fund portfolios. This saves us a lot admin work while increases customer satisfaction."

"Most of our IFAs feel that InsPal is tailor-made for talented people like us. I believe only best people with best tools will create best results!".

"Using InsPal is like 'Killing 3 birds with one stone'", Miky remarked.



By joining to the InsPal platform, Asia Cosmos is able to reduce remarkable admin effort to support their IFAs and clients. They can roll their engine with more focus on client loyalty and client satisfaction by using the InsPal CRM feature.

"I believe with more satisfi ed clients, the referral business will be more successful". Miky expects a 20% growth of business indirectly in the coming future.


Company Information

About InsPal

Why Choose InsPal?
√ Web-based
√ Wide scope of functionalities
√ Innovative support to IFAs and clients
√ Subscription pricing, no need for up-front investment
√ Good support services from InsPal
√ Good partner to advance with

√ Less admin staff, less running cost
√ Attract talented IFAs
√ 20% more referrals

Asia Cosmos Wealth Management Ltd.
Year of Establishment: 2007
CEO: Miky Wan
Lines of Business: GI, Life, Pension, MPF,Property, Funds
Tel: 3188 9363
Fax: 3188 9360

InsPal a web-based insurance solution design for all walks of insurance intermediaries – corporate to individual, general and life.

It contains the GI module, Life module, Proposal module, Accounting module, CRM module, Document Imaging module and support for web access of external agents.

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