19 June 2015 InsPal v.1.6 Online

InsPal has been upgraded to v.1.6


  1. Support all other browsers better
  2. In GI, the receipt date and insurer payment date cannot allow to earlier than Debit Note issue date.
  3. In DN, Statement Subject cannot be null (i.e. at least Client or Producer should be ticked).
  4. Fixed Advance Payment settle Error.
  5. Fixed upload logo file the same name Bug.
  6. Fixed the login error(Login user must change to English language.)
  7. Endorsement Proposal confirm to Debit Note correctly.
  8. Fixed Transaction Journal Report sort by posting date.
  9. Fixed Advance Payment bank name too long bug.
  10. Fixed Export data insurer name error.
  11. Fixed LF Producer Statement exchange rate display error.
  12. Financial Report P/L now do not to display the '0' A/C.
  13. Journal Voucher Entry additional copy from button in the edit mode.
  14. Fixed Sales & Other Analysis Report miss commission header.
  15. O/R Commission Report additional O/R producer name.
  16. Fixed Policy No. not enough position due to overlap about insurer payment report.
  17. Fixed some Enquiry/Export output question.
  18. Financial Report additional csv w/o format.
  19. Added Producer Commission Aging Report