25 November 2016 Subsidies from HK Government to Enhance Your InsPal

Technology Voucher Scheme in Effect Now

Why Not Build On the Shoulder of a Giant?

The long-waiting Technology Voucher Scheme (TVP) is official announced yesterday by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Nicholas W Yang (創新及科技局局長楊偉雄).

Under this scheme, SME such as your company, can apply up to funding of HK$200,000 for technological services and solutions that could improve your productivity, or upgrade or transform the business processes.

I strongly suggest you refer to the press release yesterday.
http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201611/21/P2016112100458.htm and
http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201611/21/P2016112100458.htm for details

InsPal, as the No. 1 leading insurance intermediary software company, is proud to offer you enhancements to InsPal base on the version you’re using. We have the following in mind.

  1. Customer Relationship Management. Although InsPal already has it CRM system, there are always room to improve.
  2. Workflow functions. If you’re a broker firm that already has good workflow practices, enhancement on this area will definitely suit your needs.
  3. Document Management System (DMS). In our humble opinion, and ERP like InsPal and a DMS are the two most important assets of an insurance intermediary. InsPal already has a sound DMS. However, like CRM, it always can be better.
  4. Referral Sub-system. This sub-system is suitable for large brokers that have lots of external producers. This allows them to place quote online and track its progress via web or mobile phone.

In our humble opinion, TVP is the rightest thing our government has done in recent years to boost the technological aspect and economy of Hong Kong. Why not build on the shoulder of a giant to continue the success of your business and create another miracle for Hong Kong?

After you have read the details of the TVP, talk to me about your thoughts! Customers are always right.

At its initial stage, TVP has a fund of HK$500 million. Do some math. We have 300,000 SMEs in Hong Kong and each company is subject to a maximum of HK$200,000 funding. So it can only fund 2500 SMEs. In our humble opinion, the fund will use up very soon. SO PLEASE ACT FAST!


If want to review TVP video, please click here TVP VIDEO.