Product Announcement

4 May 2018 V.1.8 added Group Calendar Feature

InsPal CRM模塊推出全新功能:Group Calendar



1. 首先针对公司员工进行分组以便日后使用通知不同的事务


2. 例如通知同事一起用餐


3. 其中有同事如果有事不能加入可以update自己的event:




13 October 2017 IA Will Charge Levy Per Policy Upgrade

Starting 1/1/2018, IA will charge levy per policy. InsPal, as the leader in InsuTech, already aware of this.After consulting leaders in the field, we will take action to update InsPal in November, 2016.InsPal will be upgraded automatically, and we will inform you in due course.

21 November 2016 InsPal Read Only User is Now Available

InsPal new user type Read-Only User is now available.

This user mode allow to view function but do not insert or edit, very suitable for managers to view the company date.

18 November 2016 InsPal v.1.7 Released

InsPal is proud to release v.1.7. In this release, we enhanced the following:


  1. Calender and Reminder. Calendar function is enhanced. You can also add an event for another user (useful if your counter-part is remote, e.g. in China). Pop-up reminder will show when event is drawing near.
  2. LF Module. Supports teams or channels with Channel Commission Report
  3. Debit Note remarks support HTML (i.e. different font and size)
  4. LF Brokerage Entry. Supports data import
  5. Profit Transfer can handle direct pay case with Profit Transfer Report

19 June 2015 InsPal v.1.6 Online

InsPal has been upgraded to v.1.6


  1. Support all other browsers better
  2. In GI, the receipt date and insurer payment date cannot allow to earlier than Debit Note issue date.
  3. In DN, Statement Subject cannot be null (i.e. at least Client or Producer should be ticked).
  4. Fixed Advance Payment settle Error.
  5. Fixed upload logo file the same name Bug.
  6. Fixed the login error(Login user must change to English language.)
  7. Endorsement Proposal confirm to Debit Note correctly.
  8. Fixed Transaction Journal Report sort by posting date.
  9. Fixed Advance Payment bank name too long bug.
  10. Fixed Export data insurer name error.
  11. Fixed LF Producer Statement exchange rate display error.
  12. Financial Report P/L now do not to display the '0' A/C.
  13. Journal Voucher Entry additional copy from button in the edit mode.
  14. Fixed Sales & Other Analysis Report miss commission header.
  15. O/R Commission Report additional O/R producer name.
  16. Fixed Policy No. not enough position due to overlap about insurer payment report.
  17. Fixed some Enquiry/Export output question.
  18. Financial Report additional csv w/o format.
  19. Added Producer Commission Aging Report

10 Feb 2015 InsPal Brings New Features of Advance Payment

In this release of InsPal (v.1.5.44), we added the new function of Advance Payment. It allows users to accept advance payments from client or producers, without the need to enter a debit note first.

We also have a Advance Payment Report to view the usage of these Advance Payments.

Need to inquire about this function, please feel free to contact us.

1 May 2014 Brings New Appearance

Perhaps you have already noticed when you come back from May 1 holiday, InsPal portal ( has changed a refreshing look!

This new InsPal portal is developed using leading-edge web technology, allowing us to separate the structure from the content. Therefore from now on, we can update more quality information to the web site promptly and easily. We are even thinking of forming an Editorial Board to update nes to the portal more frequently.

"Information is an asset". InsPal promises to improve your life with quality information, both in terms of InsPal and this portal. As you know, InsPal is a quality software to handle your daily business. Side by side, the new portal will bring you worthy news of the insurance industry that makes you an extraordinary insurance practitioner.


Please visit and bookmark it to enjoy what InsPal brings to you!

30 May 2013 v.1.3.5 Minor Upgrade

In this new release of InsPal (v.1.3.5), we have added some minor features:


1. Support for Lloyd's binder with reports and export 

2. Allows multiple settlements for Claims 

3. Minor modification on Overriding Producer Commission Report


InsPal is always your friend! We care about your well being and ensure you stay ahead of the market.


Come talk to us about your software needs!


March 2011 v. New Feature - SMS Caller Name

InsPal always think of your best interest.


Many of you use the SMS function quite extensively. Now in the SMS message, you can specify your own Caller Name (usually your company name, e.g. ABC Broker), so that the receiver immediately know who is the sender of the SMS.


Simply go to Company Setup and input your SMS Caller Name, e.g. ABC Broker(must be in English and less than 11 characters). Then when you send the SMS, the receiver will see "ABC Broker" as sender.


We continue to improve InsPal to fit your needs!